2015-10-29, This weekend we attended OMS Distributor meeting in Croatia and where allowed to see the new product line. To see the pictures, check out our Facebook page..

Oceanquest är ett svenskt företag som specialiserat sig på att distribuera högkvalitativ dykutrustning och utrustning för vattensporter. Utrustningen vi säljer är för den kräsne dykaren som kräver den bästa tänkbara utrustningen och med den absolut högsta tänkbara kvalitén som erbjuds på marknaden. Vårt mål är att kvalitet inte ska behöva kosta mer än konkurrerande produkter för att klara detta så har vi kortat ner mellanleden och minskat på våra marginaler.

OMS Sweden





Oceanquest is a Swedish distribution Company, specializing in high quality diving and watersports Equipment. The Equipment we sell is for the selective diver, and is always of highest quality and made for harsh environment. A major part of our clients are various military and governmental institutions that require the very best for their employees. The clients from the private sector, various dive center, dive shop, instructors are a smaller part of our sales but as relevant as all our clients are big or small. You always get the very best service and our full attention.



We sell dive equipment from all over the world to the Scandinavian market.

Our retailers are located mainly in Sweden but we have clients in Finland, Denmark and Norway.





Short lead and delivery times.












We have equipment for all divers, from free diving to the advanced techincal rebreather diver.









Our main focus is YOU, our client and it's always our goal to give you the personal contact with clear communication regarding stock status and delivery times which is very important when you have a client in the store.




2016-01-23, Only one more day before the BOOT Show starts in Düsseldorf, you can find us at the show on the 26th and 27th, please visit us in the BTS and OMS stand. Here you will be able to see a lot of news and purchase products straight from the stand. Don't forget to check out or Facebook page where we show you all the new products.

One more important news is that OMS has aquired the company Aton Systems GmbH, who has developed a silicon seal which can be traditionally glued into all dry suits. The technical way this is done, is patented. These seals are the most durable (Especially in regards of UV Resistance) and comfortable seals to use. There are non-known allergies against silicon. The Seals can be used as well for any type of ring system. OMS® bought all assets and patents and is proud to offer the new OMS seals from january our new generation of seals.

2016-03-18, We started to build the booth in Sweden for the Swedish dive show in Stockholm, the show was a real success for us with a lot of new dealers and new clients for the brand OMS, we also talk to several commersial divers about our new seals and the DE-OX gas analysis instruments To find out more check out our Facebook page where you'll find pictures from the show..

2015-03-15, we received our written agreement with the new owners of OMS (Ocean Management Systems). We have the pleasure to inform you that we will continue as the sole distributor for the Swedish market and continue to lead this enterprise during the upcoming years. We will actively look for new retailers that has the same high qualtiy requirement in gear as us and for their clients. We will offer education, training and service for all our retailers and help their instructors with great offers on their personal equipment when working for our retailers.

Our Facebook page is now live at: www.facebook.com/OMSNordic .

21:18 Apr 12


We will continue as distributors for OMS in Sweden.

09:45 Mar 05


Betsedevägen 41

134 38 Gustavsberg



+46 (70) 555 25 05



News and information regarding products, events and training will be available thru our Facebook page.

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