2021-09-11, Vi ställer ut på dykmässan i Göteborg den 19-20 mars tillsammans med Divesoft

2021-06-23, Vi besöker vår återförsäljare på västkusten

2020-01-26, Vi är i Tyskland just nu på, Boot mässan. Världens största dykmässa.

2020-01-18, Vi släpper den nya hemsidan..

2019-12-31, Vi reser till Thailand för att träna.

2019-12-09, Vi reser till Tjeckien för att gå kurs på våra nya maskiner.

2019-11-14, Vi reser till Linköping för diskussion med en ny återförsäljare.

2019-10-02, Vi reser till södra Sverige till våra återförsäljare..

2019-09-01, Björn blir delägare och ny partner i verksamheten.

2019-08-12, Vi håller IANTD kurs i egen regi.

2019-07-03, Vi håller kurser åt våra lokala återförsäljare.

2019-06-15, Vi reser runt i Sverige till våra återförsäljare.

2019-05-05, Vi reser till Spanien och håller kurs.

2019-04-22, Vi reser runt i landet och besöker våra återföräsljare på plats.

2019-03-13, De nya produkterna börjar trilla in på lagret, dock ej fenor och masker än så länge.

2019-02-12, De nya färgerna mottas väl och det märks väl på bl a vårt Facebook konto och mail vi får till oss från slutkunder som frågar efter vilka återförsäljare som har dessa nya produkter på lager.

2019-01-25, Årets Boot show i Düsseldorf går av stapeln och de nya färgerna och produkterna visas upp för den europeiska marknaden.

2018-12-24, God Jul önskar vi på Oceanquest till alla våra kunder och återförsäljare, vi startar upp med Instagram kontot och visar upp våra produkter där med, utöver Facebook och vårt nyhetsbrev. 

2018-11-05, Double down erbjudandet skickas ut till alla återförsäljare för de nya färgerna och Comfort Harness III visas upp tillsammans med den nya backpad delen med integrerade viktfickor..

2018-10-15, We have finished our Road show and we will continue it in the spring. Do you whish us to come to you, contact us today and book a meeting!

2018-09-28, The orders for fins and masks on the limited colors series are now completed!

2018-08-01, The new colors for 2019 are being launched, we start to travel and show up the upcoming products for our retailers, we start at our premium stores. These can be seen at the Boot show in D¨sseldorf in January 2019. 

2018-07-01, We start traveling around to our premium stores to inform them what's happening and whats coming and especially taking orders. Do you whish us to come to you, contact us today and book a meeting!


2018-06-20, The yearly OMS Design meeting was held again and this time HQ was packed with distributors once again, from all corners of the world. It was great meeting distributors from South Korea, Taiwan, UK, Spain, Poland, Russia, Hong Kong, France and several others. We got to see a new great line up with new interesting products, the limited edition colours keep coming and in three new great one's.


2018-03-17, We are once again a part of the Swedish dive show and one of our retailers, Gasbolaget joins us in our booth at the show.

We get the show the new "Limited Edition" products and both the white and PINK products turned out very popular. Unfortunatley the high demand over the world showed that it's first come, first served. An important lesson for all our retailers for next    year.

2018-01-30, We release our webshopp!


2018-01-23, We attended the BOOT dive show in Düsseldorf, we got introduced to the new products and got educated on new products. New dry suits, new BCDs, the new fins and masks in PINK and White, new liftbag for commercial use, the new Public Harness for public safety divers as fire men etc. The new Sidestream 27, side mount harness wing, new colours on bags and much more, for more information contact us directly!


2017-06-29, We where invited to attend OMS first design meeting for distributors. We where several distributors from countries all over the world. Looked at new products, colours and voted on potential products and letting of older ones, for more information contact us.


2017-01-26,  We attended the BOOT dive show in Düsseldorf, had meetings with several of our partners and brand contacts. We helped sell OMS products in the OMS booth..


2016-03-18, We started to build the booth in Sweden for the Swedish dive show in Stockholm, the show was a real success for us with a lot of new dealers and new clients for the brand OMS, we also talk to several commersial divers about our new seals and the DE-OX gas analysis instruments To find out more check out our Facebook page where you'll find pictures from the show..


2016-01-23, Only one more day before the BOOT Show starts in Düsseldorf, you can find us at the show on the 26th and 27th, please visit us in the BTS and OMS stand. Here you will be able to see a lot of news and purchase products straight from the stand. Don't forget to check out or Facebook page where we show you all the new products.

One more important news is that OMS has aquired the company Aton Systems GmbH, who has developed a silicon seal which can be traditionally glued into all dry suits. The technical way this is done, is patented. These seals are the most durable (Especially in regards of UV Resistance) and comfortable seals to use. There are non-known allergies against silicon. The Seals can be used as well for any type of ring system. OMS® bought all assets and patents and is proud to offer the new OMS seals from january our new generation of seals.

2015-10-29, This weekend we attended OMS Distributor meeting in Croatia and where allowed to see the new product line. To see the pictures, check out our Facebook page..


2015-03-15, we received our written agreement with the new owners of OMS (Ocean Management Systems). We have the pleasure to inform you that we will continue as the sole distributor for the Swedish market and continue to lead this enterprise during the upcoming years. We will actively look for new retailers that has the same high qualtiy requirement in gear as us and for their clients. We will offer education, training and service for all our retailers and help their instructors with great offers on their personal equipment when working for our retailers.




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