by John Griffiths In 1991


Each dive is a training dive for the next.  You build on your experience with each descent.  As your skills progressively improve, you need gear that will adapt per location and to your various styles of diving.  Having a modular platform allows you to fine tune your gear configuration to meet the requirements of the dive mission.
Today more than ever divers require products that fit their performance needs and tools that will assist in their continual improvement making each dive better than the last.
Diving is changing and so are we.  From fun, easy and safe to exciting deep exploration and in between OMS is the perfect solution for your next dive. 
OMS is making Superior Products and giving Superior Service to every customer and consumer.  Come along and take a look at our products and follow us into the future as we make diving longer and safer for everyone.

  • OMS offers equipment for recreational, technical and commercial divers.
  • The best quality on the market.
  • Innovative company


When you want superior quality and modularity. The OMS brand has always stood for the best possible material available and now the latest evolvement with OMS is that it allows a diver to grow with their equipment. 

You can start with a simple performance mono wing and an IQ Lite harness for diving all over the world. Then if you would like to sidemount you can add a sidemount plate and not having to buy a complete set of wing. Easier and this opens up a greater possibility to do more when you go on vaccation.

OMS offers a full range of scuba equipment from the mask to a dry suit.


OMS Otwo extended Sizing

•    Color Grey / Black
•    Grey fabric material Ripstop Nylon/Butylene/Ripstop Nylon 420 g/sqm
•    Black fabric Inserts Ripstop Cordura /Butylene/ Polyester   490g/sqm
•    New 3 D Ergonomic cut in Arms and Legs

o    A distinctive new inlay design

o    Underarm gussets

o    Unrestricted range of motion

o    Maximum comfort and flexibility

•    Diagonal front-entry zipper (self-donning).  YKK high density plastic
•    Telescoping torso, suspenders and  crotch strap
•    Warm neck collar and zipper guard
•    NEW OMS Wrist Ring system with OMS Silicon seals
•    Installed Neck seal with OMS silicon
•    OMS silicon wrist and neck seals are better than equivalent latex seals because:

o    significantly more comfortable to wear

o    10 times higher elasticity

o    5 times higher durability

o    UV resistance significantly higher

o    No know allergies against silicon

•    NEW  SFH Super Flex Hood with superior stretch and thermal protection   
•    Swivel inlet  inflation with hose & adjustable automatic exhaust  valve
•    Flexible and most durable seam sealing with Urethane coating (No seam tape)
•    2 Large Pockets installed right and left leg
•    Ultraflex boots with velcro strap
•    Suspender overall system with pocket
•    Cordura™ Crotch  insert to prevent cross seam
•    Sizes

o    Male Standard sizes S,M,L,XL,XXL  on stock
o    Male extended sizes SS,ST,MS,MT,LS,LT,XLS,XXLS,XXLT made to order

OMS Comfort Harness III Signature System with Performance Mono Wing 32lb (14.5kg)

Introducing the NEW Comfort Harness System III ! This is a direct over the shoulder harness with new and improved padded shoulder straps, a dual action release buckle made of stainless steel that can sustain more than 900 kg on both sides, high density plastic sternum strap, a Velcro epaulette on each shoulder pad as well. The Harness system comes with (4) chest mounted D-rings, (2) waist strap D-rings, and a quick adjust crotch strap with (2) D-rings, and a buckle all made from corrosion resistant stainless steel or aluminum.. It can be installed on any standard backplate.

The most unique new feature on the Comfort Harness III is the one size fits all system. Easily adjusted by siding the webbing on the shoulder s strap down or up you can fix to a size range of XS to XL with half size markings in between.

Sold as hardware only to retrofit to an existing backplate or completely assembled with a backplate to choose Stainless Steel or Aluminum. Or sold with one of our Signature System series with Wing, Backplate, new backpad, vertical weight pockets and cambands depending which system you choose!


  • One size fits ALL
  • Dual Action release buckles made of Stainless steel holding more than 900kg each
  • Sold with or without OMS Stainless Steel or Aluminum Backplate
  • (4) chest mounted D-rings, (2) waist strap D-rings (2) crotch strap D-Rings come in Stainless Steel or Aluminum
  • Adjustable harness with new and improved padded shoulder straps
  • Excellent harness for single or double tanks
  • Includes 2" quick adjust nylon webbing crotch strap

The OMS IQ Lite 

is a soft pack harness with padded shoulder strap and a large back pad for the best comfort. Adjustable shoulder straps help the divers in achieving the best possible fit. 

The OMS IQ Lite may be used with Mono bottles or double bottles. Designed with the unique back pocket to integrate a backplate and also double as be able to use bottles. D-rings and belt buckles made of aluminum provide an additional reduction in weight. Thus the OMS IQ Lite is the ideal travel companion.


  •     Three 2 inch aluminium “D” rings 2 on the shoulders, 1 waist
  •     Cummerbund option for added comfort.
  •     Crotch strap (included)
  •     Six 1 inch “D” rings for accessories
  •     Soft back pad for maximum comfort (removable)
  •     Two Epaulets for hose routing
  •     Chest strap



Checking the material

We check the gears seams or quality of fabrique, and much more.


Performance test

We test the equipment in a pool environment followed by several ocean dives, down to depths og 60 meters or more in 2-4 degrees centigrade in the water.


Wear and tear

Checking for color loss after a specific amount of dives in a pool and being exposed to direct sunlight over a period of one week..




Protocolls are written and a score is awarded before being evaluated if it is to be sold on the Scandinavian market.