"What does it take?"

We would like to open a dive shop. What do we need to do and how do we do it?

"Great support"

We want to offer the best available support in the industry, what can we offer than nobody else has and what do we need?

"How do I service equipment?"

We need to be able to service our dive gear in our establishment, how do we get there?

"We would like to know what is available!"

We need specialized gear and training for our staff, what is available on the market now? 


I need to buy training equipment for our dive center, how much should I budget for and how do I go by doing the cheaperst way in the long run?

"Should we invest?"

Should we invest in rebreathers or sidemount?


Project Details

Client: dive center owner

Location: Carribeans

Surface Area: 300 m2

Our goal is to open up shop within 6 months.


There is a lot of questions and it's important to find out what is right for you, right here and right now. You can always scale up and reach your goals, rather than have to take on too much overhead costs and having to cut down later on. We can help you achieve your goals.

Budgeting, strategies, marketing venues, educational expertise, equipment and filling solutions, we can help you out with all aspects of your goals.